Hello world!

This is my new personal blog. I’ve been thinking for a long time of creating a blog that would be about my life, my interests  things I enjoy or dislike doing, or putting it shortly, this blog is actually about me myself.

My decision was made as I’m travelling a lot and therefore I’m gaining lots of new experience. The whole thing was initiated just when I left Valencia (Spain), I went to Newcastle upon Tyne (England) to study a BSc(hons) in applied computing and after 1 year and a half of living with my two wonderful flatmates I eventually came to Edinburgh (Scotland) to improve my English and I got my first real job as an engineer in Cisco Systems.

This blog is aimed at my friends and people that know me and would like to be up to date with what I’m actually up to. I know that lots of you guys haven’t had any news from  me for a long time, so this blog is to avoid this sort of situation in the future.

All the people that don’t  know English :-)…sorry guys,  but you should pick up some vocabulary, nowadays it’s essential. Of course, I don’t  promise to write constantly, as not every day I have news interesting enough to break to my friends.

All trips could be found here:




Me in Scotland when I wrote the first post. Thanks to Anna for helping me in my first post. I really appreciate it.

Ta to all my pals!





5 Respuestas a “Hello world!

  1. Hello, little boy.

    Keep making a beautiful blog.

    Best regards from Bolivia.

  2. Hola Over!! , me ha encantado la foto de la cabecera, que disfrutes de tus vacaciones!!!

  3. Viva el traductor de google!

    Ala a darle caña al blog ;)

  4. Bonito blog tronko, ire echando un vistazo de vez en cuando ;)

  5. Encantador, pero a ver si le vas poniendo algo más.


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