P1010321The Spike

P1010323Trinity College

P1010328Cockle boobs?

P1010329St. Patricks

P1010332Oh Yeah!

P1010333Crazy castle

P1010334Punishment cell

P1010336In the name of the father

P1010339In the name of the father prison

P1010343Hello, Mr. Skielnik

P1010345In the name of the father jail again

P1010347And again…

P1010350Huge monument

P1010354Danger of death… 750 v!

P1010356Easy peasy lemon chessy

P1010357Guiness Factory

P1010358Guinness factory

P1010360Maria Antoñieta is watching you…

P1010361Guinness Factory

P1010374Each copper holds 172,800 pints

P1010377Start the brew…

P1010382Testing Tasting LAB


P1010385Inside Guinness Factory

P1010395With my friend Joyce, writer of ULISSES

P1010397Reading Jame Joyce in his room

P1010398Chris, the Teacher

P1010404The Temple Bar

P1010405Playing with the sand ´hands´

P1010406Playing with the sand ´One pipe shower´

P1010407Playing with the sand ´Soft death´

P1010408Playing with the sand ´Licking the pussy´

P1010409Playing with the sand ´Touching the tits´

P1010410Balance is fair, Chris is fair

P1010411Also Borja is fair too

P1010418Dublin Castle

P1010423Irish coffee



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