Really really big post, with 108 pictures… all made by my best friend in Edinburgh, Jon Dieguez.

IMG_0661Tram station

IMG_0663Ärstalfältet station

IMG_0664Ärstalfältet station 2

IMG_0665Far away from the city centre and really cold area

IMG_0671Here is our tram

IMG_0673A real bus or a banner?

IMG_0677Inside tram/metro station

IMG_0678Bus – Tram shuttle

IMG_0679Stockholm city centre

IMG_0680Stockholm city centre 2

IMG_0688Stockholm city centre 3

IMG_0690Stockholm city centre 4

IMG_0691Stockholm city centre 5

IMG_0694Stockholm city centre 6

IMG_0697Stockholm guard

IMG_0699Stockholm guard 2

IMG_0700Stockholm guard 3


IMG_0702Stockholm guard 4

IMG_0703Monument 1

IMG_0704Pipi is from Stockholm

IMG_0710Telephone box

IMG_0712Monument 2

IMG_0717Typical house from Stockholm

IMG_0721Trycicles in a daycare center

IMG_0722Streets from Stockholm

IMG_0727Jon… probably the only picture that he did not take

IMG_0728Crazy 4×4 (front)

IMG_0729Crazy 4×4 (back)

IMG_0730Old prison

IMG_0731With strong locks

IMG_0733Stockholm city centre 7

IMG_0737Stockholm city centre 8

IMG_0739Stockholm cold sea

IMG_0741Stockholm ferry

IMG_0743Stockholm city centre 9

IMG_0745Stockholm city centre 10, -2ºC… however I was in Germany at -17ºC and I could assert feels like less than -17ºC

IMG_0749Stockholm city centre 11

IMG_0750Outdoor lift

IMG_0751Stockholm city centre 12


IMG_0753Standalone balcony

IMG_0754Out of service

IMG_0755Monument 3

IMG_0756In the city…

IMG_0761Somebody walking around…


IMG_0763Polis… the swedish police

IMG_0766Really cold…

IMG_0769Same building again…

IMG_0774Monument 4

IMG_0775Monument 5

IMG_0777Stockholm city centre 13

IMG_0780Hey! do not record me!

IMG_0785Inside a ´small´ shopping centre

IMG_0786Stockholm city centre 14

IMG_0788Stockholm city centre 15

IMG_0789Stockholm city centre 16

IMG_0791With my friend Jorge


IMG_0793Who wants to take a bicycle in Sweden!

IMG_0797Nice roofs

IMG_0798Is like Victoria St. from Edinburgh but without colour… and a little bit colder!

IMG_0801Nice building


IMG_0805Monument 6

IMG_0807Monument 7

IMG_0808Monument 8


IMG_0813Nice narrow streets

IMG_0820Huge cathedral

IMG_0821Top street wear!

IMG_0822And again… contrast, your local dealer… of what? (-:

IMG_0825Monument 9

IMG_0828Monument 10

IMG_0829Litters from Sweden

IMG_0832Amazing buildings

IMG_0834Columns with Swedish flag

IMG_0835Nice columns

IMG_0836fluttering the swedish flag

IMG_0837Monument 11

IMG_0838Monument 12

IMG_0839Monument 13

IMG_0841Monument 14


IMG_0845Monument 15

IMG_0846Monument 16

IMG_0848Monument 17

IMG_0851Monument 18… with two crazy guys licking his ears

IMG_0852Pick one´s noce

IMG_0853Monument 18

IMG_0854Interesting walls


IMG_0857Reflection effect

IMG_0858Odd monument

IMG_0861Escalators… twins or mirror effect?

IMG_0863Inside some shopping centre

IMG_0864Playing chess

IMG_0865Two guys

IMG_0866In the street


IMG_0868Multiple triangle

IMG_0869Show in the street

IMG_0871Crazy homeless, mouth organ plus radio dual surround aka stereo

IMG_0875Weird building

IMG_0876White Square

IMG_0874Borja, Jon (god in this picture) and Jorge (from left to right)



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