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Image130Nice Guinness, bad quality due to the mobile – sorry pals

P1010429With my friend Luis

Image135Aqui no se rinde nadie! CHE!

Image136Askatasuna. Not Spain, Not France.

Image137Guernika from Picasso

Image138Israel, stop this war crime against Palestine

P1010430Protestant area, King William III

P1010432Protestant area, British flags

P1010434Protestant area, ´Rambo´ mural

P1010438UFF Member

P1010440Freedom 2000, in protestant area… look at the orange colours

P1010441Protestant area, William Bucky McCullough

P1010444Wall that split Belfast, in one side protestants in the other catholic… look at the end the bomb effect in this wall

P1010445Bombay St. burned… never again!

P1010447Catholic irish death on the war

P1010449Clonard Martyrs

P1010451Bobby Sands MP, Poet, Gaeilgeoir, Revolutionary, IRA Volunteer