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Drem – Museum of Flight

Sorry again, bad quality pictures due to are made using my mobile.

Image137Inside the Concorde

Image138Concorde seats

Image140Mach 2.00 Feet 55500

Image141Temp -55 celsius 1380 MPH

Image150Emergency exit

Image152Concorde cockpit

Image155Concorde cockpit 2

Image159Opening the concorde!

Image162Foreward wheel

Image167Backward wheels


Image178Back nozzle

Image181Back Concorde

Image163The Concorde



Image195More about Concorde

Image204Rolls royce snecma engine

Image205Front ConcordeImage208Fidel Castro was in the Concorde

Image212Concorde engine

Image216Concorde emergency abnormal check lists



Image224Miguel and me

Image225RR engine

Image226Another engine

Image227Something about Tupolev and KGB!

Image229Concorde dress testing

Image230Concorde helmet testing

Image235Nuclear Bomb: AVRO 698 Vulcan B.2A

Image242Huge military plane

Image244Simon Meteor Truck

Image248General Electric CF6 Turbofan engine

Image249Miguel´s head near to be burned

Image252Nice plane

Image253Turbofan engine

Image254Turbofan engine


Image257This plane cross the atlantic sea

Image264Interesting plane



Image274Back SAM

Image275MK1 – Front SAM (Surface Air Missile)

Image277Hangar 1 – Military aviation

Image279AI24 Foxhunter Radar

Image280Back Foxhunter Radar


Image282Lock the bombs here

Image285Second world war plane

Image289Curious plane

Image293Willys Overland – MB Jeep


Image296Fighter with folded wings

Image297Bristol Hercules 100 Aero fighter

Image299Bristol Hercules 100 Aero Engine

Image301RR Nene

Image302RR Nene

Image303Inside RR Nene

Image304Inside RR Nene

Image305Napier double Scorpion NSCDL2 Twin chamber Bi-propellant rocket motor

Image307Sprite rocket motor


Image312Ejection SEAT

Image314Sparrow AIM 7E/F (Air to Air – Air to Ground missile)

Image315Fighter – Phantom

Image317Marines fighter – Phantom

Image319SUU 23A GUN POD

Image320SUU 23A GUN POD

Image321Part map of SUU 23A

Image309Nose Wheel of Bristol Brabazon Airliner. Biggest Wheel for a airplane

Image324Sparrow AIM 7E/F Missile

Image325Phantom Seat

Image326Sparrow AIM 7E/F Missile guidance system

Image329Sparrow AIM 7E/F Missile guidance system

Image328Text about Sparrow AIM 7E/F

Image330Nice fighter

Image33230MM ADEN Cannon

Image333That´s cool!

Image337Zeppelin bomb launched on 1916

Image336Radar and Transmission´s room was closed :_( So I made some picture from outside

Image340Pro Patria Volans

Image343Bedford green godness fire engine

Image345Danger signal

Image346BAC1-11 Air plane

Image349Inside BAC1-11

Image350Back exit from BAC1-11

Image354Miguel in the tyrolese


Miguel in the tyrolese

Image356Miguel falling down

Image359Go back home… but walking!

Image364Miguel getting crazy and got two oat bunches

Image365Attention! Electric Fence

Image367Typical cow from Scotland… she attacks Miguel and me!

Image341Miguel´s accident… how is it possible to be knocked at 5 mph!?