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Edinburgh Festival 2009 (I)

Image089Welcome to Scotland! 1st of August starts Jazz and Blues festival!


Traffic signal 1

Image067Traffic signal 2

Image068Traffic signal 3

Image070Traffic signal 4

Image071Traffic signal 5

Image072Traffic signal 6

Image073Traffic signal 7

Image074Traffic signal 8

Image075Traffic signal 9

Image076Traffic signal 10

Image077Traffic signal 11

Image078Traffic signal 12

Image079Traffic signal 13

Image081Behind the Burger King…

Image082Death during war battle

Image088The Scotsman newspaper

Image091Church in High St.

Image092Royal Mile

Image093North bridge / South Bridge


Image100Richard Blues, Amazing!

Image103Sorry for the bad quality, but she was running and my mobile is not so good to take this kind of pictures… Old style Gothic girl

Image107Victoria St. look at the colours

Image110Medieval style

Image113Bones Walk nearby The Meadows

Image115The Meadows… huge

Image118Aston Martin Vantage, my favourite car…

Image119And again…


Image117More? :_)

Image122Good night from the Museum…