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New York Trip (First day)

I don’t have enough time to write, so I will post the pictures and I will comment them later.


  • Arrival to New York – JFK Airport
  • Manhattan (Middle Town) – Buckhinham Hotel
  • Times Square

img_0952JFK Airport with typical New York Taxis

img_42651JFK Airport, typical Bus from NYC

img_4267NY Taxi


From the Hotel

img_09901Near Times Square

img_09911Near Time Square again

img_09961Bank of America, Limousines and poor people shout “Rescue me”

img_43041Big Buildings at Manhattan

img_43101Nice propaganda in bus stops


Huge M, huge McDonals, here all is huge

img_43231Banners on Times Squeare


img_43381Oh my god, how much it cost this spot?

img_43431Yes, fumes come from under roads, like in the films


Dark night? not really, it’s lightning, crazy white skies.

img_43501Continued… i cannot see skyscrappers’ top

img_4347Emmanems says good night