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New York Trip (Second day)

Second day, it was raining… just to remember that I’m living at Edinburgh, but less windier.


  • Manhattan (Middletown) – Empire State
  • Manhattan (Middletown) – Rockefeller Centre
  • Manhattan (Middletown) – St. Patrick
  • Manhattan (Downtown) – Madison Park
  • Soho
  • Chinatown


Nice building in middletown

img_1008Mac shopping, Crystal cube lift

img_1013Another ‘white’ day

img_1016Typical street in Middletown… of course always ‘smoked’

img_1025St. Patrick church, 50m, but looks small around these big buildings…

img_1039A city inside a city, the Rockefeller centre, yes, this is a golden building


Iranian flag, yes, I was on a Iranian parade, I was thinking they are ‘enemies’ of USA

img_1070Happy Iranian dancer

img_1091Empire state, the highest building in NY, I cannot see the top


Over 40.000 films are filmed per year in New York… and yes, the camera was spanish

img_1104Spanish people knows this building as ‘la plancha’, yes it is very narrow, also It was one of the first skyscraper of NY

img_1112Another skyscraper building more in NY

img_1103Madison Square Park… lots of squirols there

img_1113Another building style in NY

img_1123It is normal, deposits over the buildings

img_1126Somebody painted my van… but looks much better

img_1127Somebody knows where is the terrorist?

img_1134Huge playstation with a real screen in motion, amazing

img_1151They don’t have motorbikes, they have coveredwagons

img_1152Yes, this is chinatown, here not too many people speaks english… only chinese… we eat 4 people here for 25 dollars, and food was wonderful!

img_1158Who needs a bed? If you drink…

img_1172Suffolk street, I was here in 2002, near of Soho, south of Manhattan, these stairs are typical from here…

img_1174Fish fashion, Hair fashion

img_1182You cannot see the end, because broadway is the longest avenue, 32 km…

img_4373Nice shape…

img_4424Good publicity

img_4429Typical trucks…

img_4439Police line, do not cross

img_4440Be careful, somebody could steal your bag

img_4469This means organization, somebody could point me which one is the post box?

img_4463Is not clear? STOP, ONE WAY

img_4552Paramedic here is a disco…

img_4542Noel was here


img_4530Smile :-)

img_4529Be careful!

img_4518This death was preventable…

img_4508Typical street banners

img_4500Levis? no… CK

img_4494Scaring… but this is a safe area