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Sightseeing in Valencia and Spain / Turismo en Valencia y España

As a petition from some friends from long time ago I decided create that post, just to help them what to do, how to move and what to eat in Valencia, Spain. I made that map, however pictures are not mine so I included directly pictures from others, referencing them and without profit… I will replace them gradually when I will do tourism in my own city ;-)

If you (the reader) have any suggestions or doubts, please do not hesitate contact me and let me know! Also If I stay here and you need help during your tour I do not have any problem go with you, as I like meet with foreign people and opening my mind.

Basically I split the points in 5 sections plus 2 regions:

  • Blue points: main places to visit.
  • Yellow points: secondary places to visit (due to distance or less importance)
  • Green points: Gastronomic places
  • Red points: Transport directions for specific addresses.

And the regions/lines:

  • Red line: Interesting walks on avenues, streets, etc.
  • Yellow region: Interesting districts to visit.

Blue points index (main places):

  • Estacion del Norte: Modernist art railway station

  • Plaza de toros: Bullfighter ring

  • Plaza del Ayuntamiento: City Hall and centrally square.

  • Jardines del Real o Viveros: Big gardens.

  • La Lonja: Gothic monument used for silk protected by UNESCO.

  • Plaza de la Reina: Queen Square

  • Plaza de la Virgen: Virgin’s Square

  • Basilica de los desamparados: Basilica of helpless or unprotected.

  • Miguelete o Micalet: Micalet Tower.

  • Catedral de Valencia: Cathedral of Valencia.

  • Torres de Quart: Towers and ‘door’s of Valencia.

  • Torres de Serrano: Towers and ‘door’s of Valencia.

  • Mercado Central: Old Central Market.

  • Palacio Marques de Dos Aguas

Yellow points index (secondary places):

  • Puerto de Valencia: Port of Valencia

  • Campo de futbol de Mestalla: Valencia C.F. stadium football team.

  • Jardin Botanico: Botanic garden.

  • Albufera: Lake/Loch and natural Park

  • Puente de la Alameda: Modern bridge.

  • Glorieta: Square with garden

  • Jardines de la Glorieta: Gardens of ‘Glorieta’

  • Parque Parterre: Garden with old trees

Green points index (food):

  • El Palmar: Best place/location to eat paella.
  • Restaurante Forcat en la Calle Roteros: Good place to eat rice.
  • Kebap turco en Bolseria: Cheap place to eat a good Kebap. [fastfood]
  • Bar de los Montaditos gratis en Benimaclet: Students place to eat and drink really cheap. [fastfood]

Pink points index (drinks):

Red points index (directions):

  • Metro/Underground Calle Colon o Calle Xativa: direction Rafelbunyol or Palmaret and stop in Benimaclet station, go outside upstairs and…
  • Metro/Underground transbordo Tranvia Benimaclet: Take the tramv direction Beach.
  • Tranvia en Eugenia Vines: Stop in Eugenia Vines, from there not more than 1 min walking to Malvarrosa Beach.

Red lines index (walking):

  • El Rio (Antiguo cauce del Rio Turia): Old river now dried up where you could walk in a fantastic esplanade.

  • Calle Colon (Comercial Street): Probably the centrist place in Valencia after «Plaza del Ayuntamiento». On that street you could find lots of shops, people walking, etc.

  • Playa de la Malvarrosa (Beach): Nice beach from Valencia where you could walk arriving to the Port in one side, or arriving to «La Patacona» in other side (Beach of Alboraya and more quiet).

  • Calle Caballeros (Old street): Old street in the old town from Valencia, it connects an amazing «Plaza de la Virgen» to «Bolseria» a good place for drink and meet young people.

Yellow regions index (districts):

  • Barrio del Carmen: Old town from Valencia, before it was much more for alternative people, however now is a mix with modern and old pubs style, also lots of places to drink a coffee, walk, etc.

  • Barrio de Benimaclet: Students district, before it was a ‘village’ now is like a ‘village’ inside Valencia, but it is a part of Valencia indeed.

Suggested typical food from Valencia:

Suggested typical food from Spain:

Suggested typical drinks from Valencia:

Suggested typical drinks from Spain:

  • Sangria: Popular with young people

  • Cafe solo: expresso.

  • Cortado: coffee with milk.